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Aim of the treatment:

Your personal data, freely transmitted and acquired in proportion of the activity carried out by the holder, will be treated lawfully and in conformity with correctness for the following aims:

- contractual;
- accounting and fiscal;
- informative, commercial and of marketing.

The treated data (which could be both of common and identifiable nature) are up to date, pertinent, complete and not in excess as regards the aims of the above list for which they have been gathered and successively treated.

Procedure of the treatment:

The data will be treated with respect of the necessary security and discretion, through the following conditions: Data collected c/o the interested person and gathered and registered for definite unequivocal and legal aims and utilized in further operations of treatment in terms compatible with such aims. Treatment in function with the help of electronic manual tools.

Juridical base of the treatment

The juridical base for the treatment of Your personal data is founded on the fulfilment of the contractual functions for accounting, fiscal, commercial and informative aims.

Legitimate interests pursued by the data controller

The legitimate interests pursued by the Owner of the treatment when treating the data is due to the necessity to respect and honor the contractual obligations undersigned among the parties and develop the own social aims. The legality of the treatment is based on the consent openly expressed by the interested party, in due writing form or quite clear..

Mandatory or optional nature about the contribution of data and consequences in case of a possible refusal at answering

The nature for the contribution of data from Your part is mandatory so that the owner of the treatment may supply with the requested contractual performance for the contractual, accounting and fiscal aims. In case of refusal the owner won’t be able to perform the contractual obligation.

The nature of the contribution for informative commercial and marketing targets is optional.

Communication of data to a third party

Your personal data will be treated by the proprietor of the treatment, by possible people in charge for the treatment appointed by the owner himself and by other delegates strictly authorized to. Your data will be transmitted in consequence of inspections (by request) to all supervisory bodies in charge to verify and control abt. the regularity of the law fulfilment.

Your data can be also transferred to companies/ external professional offices that give assistance and work advice or to the treatment’s owner’s collaborators, about accounting, fiscal, tax matters and to public administration for the carrying out of the institutional functions within the limits fixed by law or by rules. Your data aren’t object of spreading.

Time of conservation

The owner will treat the personal data for the necessary time to fulfill the contractual, accounting and fiscal aims.

Your personal identifying data will be treated up to your revocation.

Existence of a decisive automatized process

A decisive automatized process isn’t in progress.


The owner has adopted suitable safety measures to protect His/Her data against loss, abuse or falsification risks.

Intention of the owner abt. personal data

The treatment’s owner won’t transfer his/her personal data to a third Country or to an international organization.

The interested party’s Rights

The interested party has the right:

ottenere la conferma dell’esistenza o meno di dati personali che lo riguardano, anche se non ancora registrati, e la loro comunicazione in forma intelligibile;

  1. to have the confirmation of the existence (or not) of the personal data he/she ‘s concerned in, even if they aren’t yet recorded, and their intelligible communication.
  2. to obtain some information:
    1. about the origin of the personal data.
    2. about the procedure and aim of the treatment.
    3. about the method used in case of a treatment carried out with the help of electronic tools.
    4. about the identifiable terms of the owner’s treatment, of the person in charge and of the appointed delegate according to art.5, comma2, code Privacy and art.3 comma1 GDPR.
    5. of the subject’s or of the categories of subject’s personal data can be communicated to or may become acquainted of, as a delegate appointed in the State territory, of people in charge or agents.
  3. obtain:
    1. the updating, the correction, or the data integration when it’s convenient.
    2. the cancellation, the conversion into anonymous form or the block of date treated in transgression of law, included those the preservation of which is not necessary in relation to the aims for which dates have been gathered or successively treated.
    3. the statement that the operations re. to the above letters A and B have been communicated for their contents too, to those ones the data had been communicated or diffused to. With the exception in case that such fulfillment is impossible or entails the use of means clearly out of proportion respect to the protected right.
  4. total or partial opposition:
    1. for legitimate reason abt. the treatment of personal data he/she is concerned in, though pertaining the aim of the collection.
    2. to the personal data treatment he/she is concerned in, with the view of sending advertising material or direct sale or for the accomplishment of market research or commercial contacts.

In particular, the interested party, at any moment, can ask, the owner of the treatment, for the access to personal data and the amendment or the cancellation of the same or the limitation of the treatment he/she is interested in or to oppose their treatment in addition to data portability. The interested party has the right to annul the consent at any time without compromising the legality of the treatment based on the consent given before the revocation. He/she has the right to claim to a control authority.

Procedure of assertion of rights

The interested party will be able, at any time, to exercise the rights on himself reserved, sanctioned by art.15 from Regulation UE2016/679 - Right of access to personal data.

For the right of access write e-mail:

The complete text of rules UE 2016/679 is available on site:

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