Founded in 1958, the company has specialized in precision machining and enamelling of cast iron for over 60 years. Silver offers a wide range of cast iron cookware and equipment suitable for domestic use and for professional catering, guarantee of a high quality cuisine.

Among the international leaders of sector, SIlver stands out for the quality and creativity of its productions. ISO 9001: 2008 certified guarantees a range of products compliant with European regulations and the main world standards. Awarded in 2012 of the "High-Design Award".

Resistance, Design and Practicality at a Price Competitive are the constant goal!


The constant commitment has made it possible to obtain important company quality standards and certifications recognized worldwide::


  • RoSH REACH certified: It does not contain substances harmful to health
  • 84/500 / EEC: European food standards
  • CE Certificate of Conformity
  • LFGB: German Food Standards
  • FDA: American Food Standards
  • ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System
  • Compatibility test: cold citric acid, boiling citric acid, boiling water, steam aqueous, detergents


Each product is unique in its kind thanks to different finishes and workmanship done by hand by artisans experts.

The first stage of production consists in creating the cast iron casting by melting a mixture selection of metals, which is then poured into the casting molds.


Once the metal has cooled, the pot is separated from the mold, placed in a sandblasting process and worked manually to remove excess material and any irregularities. Already after this stage each piece differs live from the others, making the Silver pot one of a kind!


At this point the glazing process begins, in which a mix of selected pigments is applied to the surfaces, with a matte black finish on the inside and colored on the outside, for a total of up to three layers of different enamelling. The final stage is cooking, in which each piece is heated to 840 ° C for 40 minutes.


These special processes and the first quality materials used give the enamel unique characteristics, with the bright and intense colors that we love to bring to the table and the hardness necessary to resist scratches, accompanying us in our kitchens for a long time.


What's better than presenting your dishes on a versatile and chic surface at the same time? SILVER supports are designed for maximum practicality and manufactured with Wood of Chestnut , ideal material for resistance and finish.


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