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Cocotte in enameled cast iron are known for a unique cooking method called "en cocotte", which requires a minimum addition of liquids during cooking.

Its special shape helps to keep the moisture present in the dishes under the lid and release it progressively in the form of drops, maintaining the natural aromas and softness of the food. The results are amazing.


It is made entirely of cast iron, a material characterized by radiating heat in an optimal way, spreading it slowly and distributing it evenly to food. With the Silver cast iron Cocotte you will obtain superior cooking results, enhancing the authentic tastes of the dishes and preserving their nutritional values.


The surface is coated with highly resistant vitrified enamel that satisfies the eye with different colors available, from the most elegant to the most sophisticated.



Dimensions: 23x30 cm

Height (lid excluded): 10,5 cm

Capacity: 5.0 lt

Weight: 4.75 kg

Servings: 6

SIL-2330 (n)

Data sheet

Spedizione e Condizioni
SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA (ricezione entro 5 giorni lavorativi).

Diritto di recesso entro 14gg dalla data di ricevimento della merce.

Utilizzo e manutenzione
COMPATIBILITA': utilizzabili con tutte le fonti di calore, induzione compresa. Non compatibili con i forni a microonde.

PULIZIA: lavabili in lavastoviglie. 

AVVERTENZE: non mettere in acqua i prodotti ancora bollenti al fine di evitare shock t
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